Toby is the happy face of Harley Boys. A 10 year old Labrador that was adopted by Ange on Christmas Eve 2013.

Ange remembers that when she first met Toby he jumped into her car as if to say “let’s be off”.

When Toby first came to Ange he was very smelly and his fur very coarse and he scratched and licked various parts of his body excessively.

Ange gave Toby a bath and dried him off as well as she could – but he was still smelly. The smell seemed to come from his skin. The skin on Toby’s tummy was quite black and it was not dirt.

Toby was started on a proprietary blend of chia and a raw food diet straight away and within a couple of days his smell started to abate and he was scratching less. Within 2 weeks Toby was a new dog. Running around like a puppy, jumping up at the gate and also trying to climb onto the bed. Toby acts like a 3 year old. Toby’s tummy is skin coloured now with only the slightest tinge of black around the edges of his tummy.

As you can see from the images of Toby on our website and social media he loves a treat and is great posing for the camera!!

All of Harley Boys All Natural Dog Treats are lab tested by Toby.

        Toby FlowersToby happy