Healthy & tasty dog treats & snacks

Dogs are still considered man’s best friend. As we have become more aware of the food we are eating and its nutritional benefits, so our attention, as pet owners, has been drawn to what our dogs are eating. Because their health and well-being is just as important as ours, we have developed a range of tasty and natural dog treats to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients they need in bite-size portions to help supplement your dogs diet where levels may by low.

By developing this range of healthy dog treats, we are providing you with tasty snacks for your canine companions that can be used to supplement your dog’s diet. They are all natural, vegetarian, and free of added sugar, salt and preservatives.
We have also included many of the healthiest ingredients available, commonly phrased as superfoods, such as chia, coconut oil, peanuts, carobs and oats.

As we know dogs can be fussy eaters, so we have created a variety of treats to keep your dog/s taste buds tantalised.

Our Carob Kisses contain chia and carob which have anti-inflammatory properties. They also assist with nutrient absorption. Carob is from the legume family and is naturally sweet.

The Peanut Butter Bones contain chia and protein, great for keeping your dog’s coat shiny and healthy, and for their overall well-being. The combination of chia and peanuts (a legume from the pea family), makes for a lip-smacking treat your dog is sure to love.

Toby’s Truffles combine the goodness of chia with coconut oil and carob. They can also help to maintain a shiny coat with its many antibacterial properties, and may help with smelly breath.

We also produce Snickerpoodles for dogs that prefer a softer bite. These treats contain rice flour, oats, carob and honey, and may help with allergies. They also have many anti-bacterial properties.

For detailed information on the nutritional components of all of our products, please see below. We believe you can help enhance your dog’s quality of life by feeding them healthy dog snacks, rich in nutrients, whilst being completely natural.

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