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Harley’s handmade superfood dog treats are made with love by humans to supplement your dog’s daily diet. Packed with human grade ingredients and essential fatty acids. Our variety of treats included wheat free, vegetarian and vegan options. No added sugar, No added salt, No added preservatives. Super food treats for Super Dogs!


Our all natural dog treats are rich in Omega-3s, Essential fatty acids, Protein, Antioxidants and Fibre. The ONLY dog treat powered by Anutra®. Available in AUSTRALIA exclusively via Harley & Co.   Omega 3’s may help with Allergies, Arthritis, Inflammation, Diabetes, Skin & coat and Digestion.

Harley’s Story.

1993- 2011 Harley Bruce lived til the ripe old age of 18 when finally his age got the better of him. Harley grew up on a sailing yacht along with his sister Hash Puppy and a parrot named Charlie. Harley was never too keen on sailing however loved being towed along in the dingy and going to the beach. Harley thought he was hot stuff as he was in fact Captain of his own vessel. He was a loyal, loving family member and is still missed.

Deciding on our business name was easy. What better way to remember our beautiful boys than naming our dog treats after our Harley. We decided that we would not make just any dog treats. Instead we chose to use a proprietary blend of chia in all of our treat recipes rather than use cheaper, more commonplace ingredients. We follow our philosophy of low allergen foods, with strictly no added sugar, salt or preservatives added to any of our treats.

Nutritional Info

Many health problems common to dogs can be caused by inflammation. Harley ‘n’ Co treats are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s play a huge role in your dogs’ health by helping with inflammation, arthritis, skin allergies and much more.

No Added Sugar

No Added Salt

No added preservatives




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